Eblasts Are So 2010

by | Jun 4, 2020 | Marketing, Operations | 0 comments

Every time I hear the term โ€œeblast,” I cringe inside. It implies the approach of bombarding your subscribers with copious amounts of spammy emails, they donโ€™t even want to receive in the first place.โ  โ 

Not very many people send eblasts anymore as its been replaced by it’s superior, the newsletter. Newsletters are designed to be targeted, personalized, and include valuable content. Considering that email lists consistently yield one of the highest ROIs, itโ€™s worth investing your time and energy into getting them right.โ  โ 

Do include informative, educational, and fun articles with topics that are relevant to your business. A couple of suggestions would be anti-aging or surgical vs. nonsurgical treatments.โ  โ 

Do showcase specific retail products and ask members of your team to take turns highlighting their personal favorite. โ  โ 

Doย include information on virtual events or promos above the fold, with a clickable link. Make sure that the opening sentence and headline are attention-grabbing, so your subscribers want to read more.โ  โ 

Doย add a section into your newsletter for spotlighting team members. This section should be dedicated to sharing personal stories and fun facts that will connect your clients to your team. โ  โ 

Don’t only send promotional emails. A good goal in email marketing is 4-1. Share four emails with valuable content and then share one promotional email.โ  โ 

Don’tย create boring emails. Train your readers to enjoy receiving your emails by providing quality over quantity when it comes to content.โ  โ 

Don’t be spammy and send emails too frequently. You should plan to share emails 1-2 times a month. โ  โ 

If youโ€™ve been guilty of sending the dreaded eblasts, don’t worry. It usually only takes a few adjustments in your email marketing procedures to start sending out subscriber-worthy newsletters!โ  โ 

Remember the golden rule in email marketing,ย never send an email that you wouldn’t want to receive yourself.

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