How To Increase Client Connections Virtually!

by | May 15, 2020 | Marketing, Operations | 0 comments

Navigating online technology has become essential in the past few months. As a result, your potential clients are now more virtually present than ever before. We suggest you build on this newfound virtual comfort to increase client connections.⁣

How do you ask? By planning monthly virtual events for your current and potential clients.  Here are a few fun ways that you can engage with your audience virtually!⁣


Lunch and Learn

Plan a lunchtime event where you educate your audience on a particular procedure, medical condition, new skincare line, etc. This is a wonderful opportunity to present potential clients with a clear understanding of how your services can benefit them.⁣



Schedule a virtual event where you do a LIVE narration of a pre-recorded procedural video. Help your clients understand what to expect from non-surgical and surgical procedures and be able to ask questions LIVE. You could even do a break out session at the end and pair a client with a team member in a private chat room to continue to answer questions or do an individual consult. ⁣



This virtual event would focus on answering your clients’ most burning questions. Have fun with this! For example, bust common myths or answer the funniest FAQ’s.Β 


Happy Hour

Host a virtual party after work on a Friday night! This event would be a great way to connect with clients on a more personal level. You can provide light instruction (e.g., have everyone apply a homemade facial mask), answer a few questions, play games, or just chat! It doesn’t get much better than hanging out with your ideal clients consistently!⁣

Are you currently offering virtual events for your clients? Tell us more!

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