Re-opening Re-Fresh?

by | May 8, 2020 | Operations | 0 comments

As you reopen your doors amid COVID, it would be advantageous if your clients felt you evolved during your time apart. Think about your reopening as an opportunity to showcase your aesthetic business in a new, exciting way that leaves your clients surprised and delighted!⁣

⁣ Below, we are listing our suggestions of ways that you can refresh your business and emerge better than ever!⁣


Refresh Your Services

Evaluate the services that you are currently offering, should you add any others?⁣ Delight them with something new, a twist on the old, or a retail gift paired with a service.


Refresh Your Retail

Are there new, more clinically-effective retail products that your clients would like to see added to your product offerings?⁣ What about new sunscreen options as summer draws near? (I love lip gloss with sunscreen as it is hard to find!) ⁣


Interior Decorating/ Painting

How would your business benefit from some interior design changes?⁣ Think “less is more” as your cleaning routine will need to amp up. Toss the throw pillows and testers for the time being, but maybe a splash of color on the walls would brighten things up!


New Programming

Think about new programs you can offer your clients to increase loyalty, for example:

~A loyalty program offering account credit/points as a thank you

~A referral program that would provide a discount on services for both the referring client and the referred individual

~A retail subscription program offering clients a discount or loyalty points as incentive for automatic quarterly retail orders.

~A monthly service membership…. I have seen this work amazingly well for Hydrafacials & Botox especially!


This is going to be a busy time for your business, as everyone wants your services after this quarantine. Take advantage of this opportunity and show your clients a refreshed & revamped business they will be excited about! ⁣

How are you refreshing for your reopening? Tell us in the comments below!⁣

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