Confessions, Loyalty, and Imperfection

by | May 21, 2020 | Resiliency | 0 comments

Can I confess a few things? My house is only clean 50% of the time. I often run 5 minutes late, and my children square off with me over practicing piano (and doing dishes). 😉⁠

A world where I am always on time, my house is spotless, and my children never misbehave sounds like a dream. But unfortunately, that isn’t real. I would prefer to be real than perfect.⁠

The truth is that business is much like life. There are no perfect businesses.

The third resiliency factor that we are going to talk about is transparency. We discussed in our last post how creating engaging experiences keeps your clients coming back for more. Transparency is the way you maintain those client experiences that make them want to be in your space and with your team.⁠

Real, empathetic, resilient relationships among team members and clients alike only work if everyone can trust each other, and you can’t have trust without transparency. Your team members need to know you’re on their side, that they’re on each other’s side, and that their growth and the business’ growth will always go together. For them to have this confidence you must be able to communicate with one another.⁠

Your clients need that sense of transparency, too. Your clients don’t expect you to be perfect. What they do expect is that you’re going to listen to their concerns and act quickly to address them. If you’re transparent with clients, they’ll know that they can expect you to respond and adapt when there’s an issue, and that will build the trust that keeps them coming back. They need to know that you’ll resolve an issue right at its core–not just cover it up and continue with business-as-usual.⁠

How do you maintain transparency inside of your business? We want to know! ⁠

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