4 Key Factors To Balancing Your Business And Personal Life

by | May 19, 2020 | Leadership, Resiliency | 0 comments

Your business is supposed to add to your life, not consume it.โ  โ 

Maybe you read that and felt relief. Or maybe tears surfaced and guilt came rushing in. I know how hard it is to balance your business and the life that you want to live outside of your business. Itโ€™s really, REALLY hard.โ  โ 

I want you to read this and feel hope.โ 

Itโ€™s my belief (and I have proof!) that you can create a vibrant business, increasing your top line and profits, while finding the freedom to enjoy your life outside of work. Over the next four days, I will be sharing with you how to accomplish this, by creating a resilient business. โ ย 

Resiliency is the ability to adapt and respond to changing circumstances and needs from your clients, your team, or the market more broadly. It goes beyond the ability to just do all the right things and check all the right boxes on your business to-do list. When I think about resiliency, I think ofย four key resiliency factors that all tie together to create a resilient business.

To create a resilient business, we have to design every facet of what you and your team do each day through an understanding of all four of these factors. Today we are discussing the first resiliency factor, A Culture of Loyalty. I am so excited to get started!โ 

A culture of loyalty means having a team that is loyal to your business and each other, and that can, in turn, help create that same loyalty in the customers they serve. A loyal team knows each other deeply and helps each other grow. Most importantly, they feel equipped to connect with clients and invite them into the close, supportive atmosphere as well.โ 

When you and your team can invite clients into an environment like that, your clients will keep coming back!

Are you finding the balance between business and freedom in your personal life challenging to maintain? โ 

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