You Only Need to Focus on these 4 Marketing Outlets!

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Marketing | 1 comment

Gaining new clients is the heart of sustaining and growing any aesthetic business. Here are the top four outlets to focus your marketing efforts:

1. Google
Sources show that 88 percent of prospective clients search for aesthetic businesses on Google. Make sure your Google listing is 100% accurate and up to date at all times. Post pictures of your location and team. Make your current promotions visible. Paid ads are also a great way to target people who are searching for your services.

2. Instagram
Aesthetics is all about appearance. It makes sense that new clients would be browsing visual social media. Clients are 3x more likely to find dermatologists and plastic surgeons on Instagram. These prospects want to see before/after galleries galore! Instagram is the perfect medium, but be sure to protect patient identities to avoid HIPPA violations. 

Instagram users need constant stimulation, so try to post daily. Be creative with contests, quizzes, and games to gain higher engagement. Use Instagram stories to establish trust and further entertain. When crafting your medical spa marketing, be careful not to violate Instagram’s new rules concerning graphic content.

3. Facebook
Facebook users are similar to Instagram users, but the audience is slightly older. Make sure to include your physician in posts- pictures, articles, fun advice, etc. These users like authoritative figures and lots of information. Give them plenty of content and blogs so they will see you as a helpful authority in your field.

4. YouTube
Video is trending to overtake photographs for most consumed content. In the medical spa marketing space especially, YouTube is the perfect place to offer videos of procedures, patient testimonials and Q&A sessions with physicians. You can offer a lot of information about your services and procedures without consuming too much of the client’s time. This is something most digital users value and appreciate.

Do not worry about newer social media outlets (Snapchat), business-focused ones (LinkedIn) or ones on the decline (Twitter). Focus on the four outlets we’ve just discussed, and you will be primed for growth!

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