Alleviating Client Concerns Amidst COVID…..

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Experience | 0 comments

If you have not already, you should communicate the steps your medical spa is taking in light of COVID-19 to protect the health of your clients and team. Consider sending an email and/or posting a statement on social media that includes the following key points:

1. Explain the extra measures your medical spa is taking to provide the utmost in cleanliness and ongoing sanitation of the facility. For example, explain the effective cleaning agents you are using, the increased cleaning frequency, and the extra deep cleaning routines you are implementing ongoing to eradicate germs & viruses on all surfaces.

2. Invite clients with any cold/flu-like symptoms to stay home, and that you will gladly waive late-notice fees for sick clients.

3. Describe the steps you are taking as an employer to provide sick leave for your team members ensuring their welfare as well as the welfare of all clients.

Although this is a difficult time, proactive communication will build your reputation as an informed, caring, and trusted aesthetic business with everyone’s best interest at heart. 💙

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