Does Your Brand Need a Facelift?

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Marketing | 0 comments

2020 marks the year where I am revamping my aesthetic consulting business and doing a complete brand makeover!….hence my hilarious/daunting/fun photoshoot this week. 📸🤩

What do you know about branding when it comes to your aesthetic business? When was the last time you overhauled your website? If your website is over 3-4 years old, it likely needs a facelift! After all, you ARE in aesthetics…!

Your brand is so much more than a website, logo, or color scheme though. Your brand exudes your company’s values, atmosphere, personality, and knowledge. 

Being “on-brand” means presenting a consistent image through your website, social media posts, physical office, and marketing collateral. The look, colors, feel, vibe should seamlessly flow from virtual to physical to provide clients a dependable and realistic view of what it is like to work with you and your team.

The best place to start with revamping your brand is clarifying your why and how. Why do you do what you do? 

Your brand messaging needs to convey why you chose aesthetics and how you uniquely provide your services….in a luxurious environment, in an efficient fashion, with an eye toward wellness, or maybe- most innovative treatments….?

After you have found clarity on the why and how, this message can be developed into your unique branding signature used throughout all your messaging both on and offline!

Next, I am putting this into practice for my own business in developing my new website….stay tuned for its reveal in the coming weeks! 😅

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