Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast

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“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

The meaning behind this famous quip by Peter Drucker is the secret sauce to the success or failure of any business.⁠

Culture – This can be an ambiguous term. I like to define it as the operations of a business, that is influenced by the core values and actions of its team members.⁠

Strategy – The clearly defined (written!!!) guidelines of a business that direct business decisions. These are actionable items based on tangible information the business has, such as KPIs and long-term goals.⁠

I love the way the Alternative Board explains how culture & strategy work together:⁠

“While strategy defines direction and focus, culture is the habitat in which strategy lives or dies. Strategy focuses on resourcefulness and skillfulness, while culture defines engagement, passion, and execution.⁠

With proper strategy, you create the rules for playing, but culture determines the way the game will be played.”

Your responsibility as an aesthetic business leader is to ensure the strategy and culture of your business are working together. How can you do this? By cultivating a positive team culture. Below are a few of my favorite ways to begin creating a culture in which every team member can thrive!⁠

~ Ensure your business is an environment where team members can comfortably share their ideas, concerns, and frustrations.⁠

~ Create an expectation of lateral service, where everyone on the team helps one another respectfully and professionally.⁠

~ Offer specific praise to your team members, recognizing achievements, acts of kindness, and positive client reviews. Encourage your team members to applaud the successes of one another.⁠

Looking to binge read How-Tos on creating a positive team culture? Search “team culture” on our blog and find SO many helpful resources!⁠

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