Even a Consultant Needs A Consultant

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Leadership | 0 comments

As I work toward moving my in-person aesthetic consulting business to a virtual one, at times I feel in awe by the pace of technological change online.

There’s a seemingly dizzying array of social media trends, google algorithm changes, project organization apps, and software options to simplify…well, EVERYTHING.

I pride myself in being knowledgable about this tech to better serve my clients and my own business, but sometimes it feels like keeping up with this pace of change is a full-time job!!!

In a recent video call with my Gal Pal/Online Super Whiz/Productive Strategist, Mridu Parikh, she gave me some much needed consulting. After some extremely over-due catching up, she easily assisted in moving me beyond a sticking point into clear thought and action.

Thank you, Mridu!

In my experience, business leaders who reach out to coaches and consultants are the ones continually searching for that extra edge to propel their business even further.

A good consultant can provide you with actionable insight and solutions to your unique industry problems.

Remember that everyone gets stuck from time to time and reaching out to a consultant can often give you the clarity you are looking for and a growth path forward!

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