Do you have a busy Dermatology practice, but your aestheticians seem to have time on their hands? 

Try out these top 10 ways to get your aesthetician’s schedule filled and then stand back and watch the resulting revenue growth!

We talk a lot about accountability here at Aesthetics Accelerator, so make sure you check in with your aesthetician and ensure these tactics are being executed on a timely and consistent basis. Set some goals and then celebrate your wins!

1.    Aesthetic Skin Survey: Implement an Aesthetic Skin Survey with your dermatology patients. Have your office staff refer medical patients to your medspa using the survey results.  Bonus if you develop a contest with a prize around the staff member with the most referrals!

2.    Gift Card Balances: Pull up your gift cards and reach out to patients who still have lingering balances on the books to get them scheduled for treatments.

3.    Waiting Room Pop-Up: Set up a “pop up” event in the lobby to discuss a specific service, line of products, or to have your aesthetician complete quick consults with waiting patients.

4.    Social Media Focus: Develop a number of social media posts which can be scheduled out to help drive followers, tagging of friends, and aesthetic activity. Use video, contests, pictures of staff, etc. to personalize content and drive engagement.

5.    Shadowing Providers: Pair your aesthetician with provider(s) to shadow particularly when the provider is seeing patients that fit the target aesthetic demographic (i.e., female, 30-65).

6.    Presence at Checkout: Aestheticians on-hand at the check out desk can drum up business by discussing current promotions and provide product explanations. Aestheticians need to be smiling, friendly, and ask open-ended questions like, “what are your favorite skincare products? Or when was the last time you treated yourself to a Hydrafacial?”

7.    Retention Calls: Make out-bound calls to all patients who have not been to the office for over 90 days. Aesthetician should first do quick reconnaissance of the patient’s appointment history to personalize the call and make sure to highlight any new services now offered at the practice.

8.    Virtual Event: For the socially savvy, plan a virtual LIVE event where your aesthetician discusses, demonstrates, and runs a promotion on a specific service. Create urgency with a time-bound offer to drive immediate appointments.

9.    Follow up Appointments: Prior to checking out patients, ensure every patient has a follow up appointment on the books. Explain that your aesthetician’s schedule is filling up and you want to ensure they have a spot. Also, remind them that it is easier to move or reschedule an appointment once it is on the books.

10. Partnerships: Look for businesses in the area that have a similar target patient population and figure out ways to cross-promote to each other’s clients (e.g., hair salons, nail salons, yoga/pilates studios, boutique clothing stores, etc.)

 *Aesthetics Accelerator helps aesthetic businesses (dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medical spa owners) achieve outpaced growth with laser-focus on people, performance, process, and profit through customized coaching, consulting, and marketing services.

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