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Join me in celebrating my 10-year Aesthetics Consulting anniversary this April by entering our exclusive giveaway! As a token of my appreciation for your continued support, I’m thrilled to offer you the opportunity to win our coveted Resiliency Factor Course©—a game-changer for aesthetics practitioners like you.

Running an aesthetics business comes with its fair share of challenges—from staff turnover and patient complaints to the never-ending demands on your time and energy. We understand the struggles you face and want to help you overcome them.

Our Resiliency Factor Course© is designed to streamline your operations, enhance patient experience, and boost your practice’s profitability.

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🚀 What You’ll Win:

✅ the Resiliency Factor Course©: Valued at $8,999, our Resiliency Factor Course helps you build your Dream Business in six key areas:

  • Solid foundational steps to develop your unique leadership approach and create a thriving cultural environment.
  • A highly-engaged team that keeps your customers happy and your business running efficiently.
  • Step-by-step marketing strategies that attract the high-paying clients you want.
  • Performance metrics reports that unlock hidden profit points, and show you exactly what to focus on.
  • Training and strategies for world-class client service experiences, to consistently bring in repeat clients and rave reviews.
  • Day-to-day operations practices that keep your business running on auto-pilot, which means you can spend less time managing it all!

✅ Two 1-1 Consultations: In addition to the course, you’ll receive two personalized 1-1 consultations with our founder, Genevieve Sparby. These sessions provide you with tailored guidance and support to address your specific challenges and goals, ensuring you get the most out of the program.


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What others say about the Resiliency Factor Course©:

7 Powerful Modules:



We’ll get clear on your distinctive mission, vision, values, and long-term goals, and use them to create a big picture plan for your business so you’re confident that you’re moving in the right direction.



Together, we’ll set up an easy-to-implement system where your team measures key performance metrics, so they know exactly where to focus and how to achieve accountable results toward your ultimate vision.



No more underperforming employees or revolving door of staff members — we’ll establish a positive team culture that incentivizes your team to hit needle-moving goals and actively contribute to your business success.



I’ll show you how to develop your own signature, 5-Star service methods to create high patient engagement, increase client loyalty, grow referrals, and train your team to elevate the overall client experience.



Say goodbye to feeling like you can’t step away from work because everything will fall apart without you. I’ll show you effective ways to document your core processes and set up systems that keep your business running on autopilot.



It’s time to actually see some ROI and stop wasting money on marketing efforts that don’t pay off. Your practice will come away with its own distinctive brand messaging and an annual marketing plan to effectively attract ideal patients.



Step into your role as the dynamic leader of your practice (instead of the overworked, slack-picker-upper). I’ll walk you through exactly how to maintain your new system after our work together is done, so you can keep growing profitably in your newly organized, highly accountable, and goal-achieving environment.

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Hi, there! I’m Genevieve.

With 14+ years of business experience in healthcare, spa, and aesthetic practice consulting, I have honed my expertise as both an Operator as well as a Consultant. I created Aesthetics Accelerator to teach the profitable action steps to build a highly engaged team, create a loyal client base, achieve operational excellence, and evaluate the right performance metrics to assess your accelerated growth! Let’s get started.

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