Heading to an Aesthetic Conference Soon? Here are the Top 5 Ways to Maintain Momentum!

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As a physician and entrepreneur, conferences can be a vital element for growing your business. These events can help you network, discover technology, and build your brand. However, are you capitalizing on these conferences as well as you should?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, that post-conference enthusiasm can be both addictive and fleeting. During the event you can get inspired, drawing energy from presenters and other attendees. However, once you get back home that inspiration can quickly deflate.

To combat that, here are five ways that you can harness your post-conference energy:

#1. Write Notes About the Conference

One of the biggest challenges you’ll discover is that it can be all too easy to forget some of the better elements of the event. This problem only gets worse if the conference spans multiple days, as they can start to blend together.

The best way to capture the essence of the event is to take notes. Ideally, you’ll be doing this throughout the conference, but if not, be sure to write down important insights as soon as possible. At the very least, do a brain dump on the plane ride home. This way, you can remember details, organize your thoughts/action items/potential content posts, and remind yourself of your inspiration regularly!

Pro Tip: I prefer using an ipad pro with a stylus so that my notes are electronic and easy to organize.


#2. Follow Up With Connections

As you already know, conferences are all about networking with other professionals, vendors, and leaders in your field. You need to keep that post-conference momentum going by following up with connections timely. You can write down pertinent details on a contact’s business card or better yet, connect with them right away via LinkedIn. Adding a personalized message to your connection request reminds both of you about the relevancy of your meeting.

Pro Tip: LinkedIn is one of the best ways for physicians and professionals to connect in 2020.


#3. Build a Support Network

Attending a conference is as much about discussing best practices and networking as it is about gaining new knowledge. An excellent way to capture and harness this energy is to create a support network of other professionals you meet. After you connect via social media, create a group and start facilitating each other’s success. Not only can this help you stay inspired, but it can build a tighter association for better long-term results.

Pro Tip: Create a private Facebook page or LinkedIn Group to hold virtual conversations and discuss all things aesthetics with likeminded professionals.


#4. Start Implementing Something You Learned

Hopefully, the event you attended had a lot to offer for your business. Perhaps you learned a more efficient operating method, or discovered a specialty skincare product that fills a void in your current offering. Once the conference ends, be sure to start incorporating these discoveries into your business. The sooner, the better, as you don’t want to let a bold idea slip away.

Pro Tip: Host a team meeting promptly when you return to relay crucial discoveries and discuss implementation strategies.


#5. Plan For the Next Conference

Even though you’re still on a high from a recent event, it’s never too soon to start planning for the next one. As part of your note-taking process, be sure to jot down what you liked most and what was a waste of time. For example, perhaps the workshops offered valuable insight and tools for your business, while the mixers didn’t translate well for networking. Use the surveys to provide conference planners with your feedback and plan the next year’s conference schedule accordingly.

Pro Tip: Do a high level cost/benefit analysis on whether the conference was really worth your time and expense.


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