Sustained Growth     Engaged Team

Sustained Growth 

Engaged Team

Loyal Clients     Higher Profits

Loyal Clients

Higher Profits

Grow Your Chicago Aesthetic Business to New Heights!


As an experienced aesthetic business consultant in Chicago, I understand the commitment that goes into building a thriving aesthetics company. I can help you amplify your marketing reach and streamline your daily operations and performance metrics. Working with Aesthetics Accelerator can place your business in the spotlight, gaining greater reach and client loyalty. We are a dedicated team of Chicago medical marketing and coaching experts who are passionate about helping people like you find more work-life balance while boosting revenue.

We Understand Your Challenges

Slow Growth/Low Profits

Are you frustrated with the lack of growth or low profits in your aesthetic business?

High Turnover/Lack of Stellar Online Reviews

Do you struggle with providing excellent customer service or have trouble with high staff turnover?


Unsure of the Right Marketing Tactics

Are you aware you should be marketing your Chicago aesthetic business, but don’t know which strategies are right for your needs and budget?

Confusion over the Performance Metrics that Really Matter

Do you know what your profit margins are and what you want them to be? Do you know which performance metrics actually matter and those that will help your business grow?


No Personal Time

Does it feel like you never have enough time to get everything done or you’re wasting time on nonpriorities in your business? Are you often interrupted by work during your off time?

Book a Complimentary Call

Get Started with these Complimentary Tools:


Jump-start a successful year for your dermatology, plastic surgery, or medical spa practice! The toolkit from our Chicago aesthetic business consulting team gives you the resources you need, including monthly and yearly planning pages and marketing strategies.


Make meaningful connections with clients and build your list of repeat customers! This mini-training will teach you relationship-building methods that are intuitive and easy to put into practice.

Get Excited about the Future of your Chicago Aesthetics Business

If you run any type of aesthetic business in Chicago, marketing consulting is one of the best investments you can make. At Aesthetics Accelerator, we can help you exceed your revenue goals, build an engaged team of employees, and turn your one-time clients into fiercely loyal repeat fans. Explore the marketing plan from our Chicago aesthetic business consulting firm that is right for you based on your autonomy and accountability needs:

Accelerate Now™

  • 12-Week online access The Resiliency Factor Course©
  • Independent implementation of business training & tools

Allows for the most flexibility, autonomy, & economy!

Advanced Acceleration™

  • 6-Month online access to The Resiliency Factor Course©
  • 2x Monthly, 1:1 consulting calls
  • 6-Months of business training, accountability assignments,  & customized tools
  • Done-for-you monthly Performance Dashboards available with added fee

Scale further & faster with our most popular option!

ALL-IN Acceleration™

  • 6-Month access to The Resiliency Factor Course©
  • 3 On-site, in-person visits 
  • Weekly 1:1 consulting calls
  • 6-Month individualized Consulting Program that includes business training, accountability assignments, and customized tools
  • 4 Months of done-for-you monthly Performance Dashboards.    

Highly personalized, collaborative approach.

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