How To Have Successful Virtual Open Houses- Part Three

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PART THREE – Execution Phase⁠ ⁠ I’m so excited for you and your business as you prepare to host your event. My clients have had such a profitable experience with these events I can’t wait for you to try it too! Let’s jump back in right where we left off yesterday, ⁠ ⁠


Create An Agenda

On the day of your virtual event, create an agenda with planned times for your videos to be posted. Release your videos on IGTV, FB, or You Tube and make sure that you’ve advertised the scheduled times to your audience. Plan both an AM & PM time for the Dr. to host a live stream Q&A. You might even plan to have your lead Esthetician host a Q&A over the treatments that she performs, allowing the Dr. to focus more on procedural questions.⁠ ⁠


Touchless Pickup

Make a game-day plan that allows for curbside pickup of any retail orders placed. Consider allowing clients to text a business number to schedule pickup.⁠ ⁠


Get Support

It’s essential to have extra team members available to operate phones, answer questions, and facilitate sales. Designate specific team members to take charge of the technology for running the event. You can delegate other team members to answer social media questions and other types of communication on the day of the event. ⁠ ⁠


Make It Fun

The day of your event may be busy, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. You CANNOT make this event a success without your team and they need to know that. Be sure to encourage and motivate your team through fun snacks, team shirts, or a fun activity. You could even plan a special team bonus if you exceed your sales goals during your event! ⁠ ⁠

Planning a virtual event may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be! Since you are hosting an online event, you can focus on completing a lot of the work upfront and streamline the day of the event considerably! ⁠ ⁠

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