How To Have Successful Virtual Open Houses- Part One

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Marketing, Operations | 0 comments

This year you may not be able to host your open house as you have before, but that does not mean your business has to miss out! I will be outlining the exact steps you need to take for a successful VIRTUAL open house in this Three-Part Series. Let’s get started with…PART ONE- Prep & Planning!


When & Where

First things first, set your date, and choose which social media platform you will be using to host the event (i.e. Facebook).


Create Offers

Choose exclusive specials that you do not offer at ANY other time of the year. Talk with your reps and negotiate what services/ products they would be willing to contribute for promos & raffle items. (Keep specials that you have planned for holidays like Black Friday or Cyber Monday in mind so you do not duplicate.) Most importantly- make your Open House distinctive with the aim of wowing clients!

Pre-record videos about each special. These videos should be like mini-commercials for each service and played on the day of the virtual event according to your pre-planned schedule. Consider video content such as treatment before & after pics, video clips of a procedure being completed, or even a Q&A with a patient after they have finished treatment!


Prepare Website

Plan to prepare your website. Your site should be updated with eCommerce capabilities for easy on-line purchasing the day of the event. Each promo should also include a clickable link directing clients to “Learn More” with specific information about that particular service or product.

(…Bonus effort for setting up automated emails to be sent with receipts & to schedule appointments after a client makes a purchase.)

The money you will save on catering, décor, and print materials can be spent instead on preparing your website to be more eCommerce friendly. After all, everyone will be vying for a chance to purchase those retail products & services after seeing your promotions!

Stay tuned for Part Two, where we will discuss MARKETING for your event!!!

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