Instagram Shopping For Aesthetic Businesses

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A while back, I shared a post discussing eCommerce for aesthetic practices.

If you’d like to review a few pros and cons of online shopping, go revisit that post!

Today, I am sharing information about Instagram Shopping, that way you can take advantage of this amazing tool for your aesthetic business!

Instagram shops are located within Instagram Explore (the Shop tab). Shops have the option to utilize Instagram Checkout, which means that consumers never have to leave the IG app to shop from you! According to their business center, fees for Instagram Checkout are 5% per shipment or a flat fee of $0.40 per shipment under $8.

There are 5 qualifications that your business must meet to receive approval for Instagram Shopping. Your business must:


1. Reside within a supported market


2. Sell physical products


3. Comply with FB & IG commerce policies


4. Be an IG business account


5. Be connected to a FB page If your business meets these eligibility requirements, you are ready to set up shop!


First, you will need to create or connect a FB Catalog. This catalog comprises your inventory and allows you to promote your products. You can either DIY this process or use a Facebook Partner.

Next, log in to the Instagram app. Inside of the app go to your business’s profile settings, tap business, and then select Instagram Shopping. Follow the setup prompts and submit your shop for review. You’ll be notified of the approval and complete the setup process once approval is received.

Last, of all, start selling! Once your shop is set up, you’ll be able to add product tags and stickers to posts and stories. Instagram allows you to add up to 5 products for each image or video. They limit multi-image posts to 20 product tags. Note that you’ll only be able to add one product sticker per story.

IG provides Instagram Shopping insights for businesses! These metrics are located inside of the insights tab on your profile.

Check out the original Instagram Shopping article here:

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