Are You LAX About Skin Tightening?

by | Mar 2, 2020 | Operations | 0 comments

This weekend I went to a conference hosted by Inmode Aesthetics to learn more about their skin tightening procedures with Dr. Mulholland. 

I definitely encourage all my aesthetic businesses to have some type of skin tightening service on their menu. Your best options are among:

-Radio Frequency (e.g., Face/BodyTite, Morpheus)
-Microneedling with RF (e.g., Secret RF, Fractora)
-Helium plasma energy (e.g., Renuvion)
-Ultrasound energy (e.g., Ultherapy)

Many aesthetic experts agree that services utilizing radio frequency deliver the best results and value as the RF helps contract the collagen in the skin while simultaneously stimulating more collagen production.

Comparatively, the helium plasma device produces similar instantaneous skin-tightening results. The main differences between the two minimally invasive technologies are that FaceTite also induces some lipolysis (fat reduction) while Renuvion actually contracts the tissue more significantly causing tighter results. (Renuvion can require more downtime though as it addresses additional skin issues.) 

Consider carefully which type of technology is best for your practice!

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