Let’s Talk About Sales Funnels!

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“Sales Funnels” can be an ambiguous term for business owners. It’s tossed around frequently by people who don’t understand what it is or it’s purpose.

Today, I’m going to explain sales funnels for you, so that you can implement an effective marketing strategy for your practice!

There are several parts to a sales funnel:

  1. Awareness & Interest
  2. Leads
  3. Prospects
  4. Customers

Awareness and Interest fall into the category of Marketing. Leads, Prospects, and Customers fall into the category of Sales.

The term “Sales Funnel” is used to illustrate that you will have many, many more people in your Awareness & Interest category (the top of your funnel), and it dwindles to a smaller number of converting customers (the bottom of your funnel).

The purpose of the Sales Funnel is to help you create a strategic marketing plan that “funnels” more people from the “Awareness” category to the “Customer” category. As an aesthetic business owner, you should be very intentional in the planning of your sales funnel.

Awareness takes place when ads are noticed by a potential customer, these could be Google, Facebook, Instagram, Billboard, or Newspaper ads. Your ad should direct potential customers to your website landing page or a phone call so you can collect their contact information.

Once you have a potential client’s contact information, they become a Lead. While individuals are in the Lead stage, you should be sending them emails, SMS messages, or calling them. The content that you share with them should drive them to schedule a consultation.

Once a consultation has been scheduled, and they visit your office, the potential client becomes a Prospect. This stage is where you share your sales message and promote your products, keeping the client’s best interests in mind.

Once the Prospect makes a retail purchase or schedules a treatment, they then become a paying customer. It is in this stage (after an exceptional client experience) that you upsell them on your services and products. This stage is also when Clients become referral machines, and the Sales Funnel starts from the top with the friends and family they talk to about your practice!

How would a strategic sales funnel help your marketing strategy? Tell me below!

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