Follow The Journey- Love Dermatology Update #2

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It is time for our next Journey Update with Love Dermatology!⁠ ⁠

This last week Dr. Breedlove FINISHED Module One🙌🏻⁠ ⁠

As planned, the team met and discussed ideas for their team motto. Dr. Breedlove shared that the team had a lot of fun choosing their motto, and everyone enjoyed participating!⁠ ⁠

This week, we are sharing some of Dr. Breedlove’s hard work & determination in developing her M.V.P.™ Statement. Inside of my course, every client develops their own 1 page “M.V.P.™ Statement” ⁠which is key to establishing foundational leadership. Here are just a few elements of Dr. Breedlove’s M.V.P.: ⁠

Mission Statement: To inspire our clients to be the best version of themselves through aesthetic and dermatologic care.”⁠ ⁠

Vision Statement: “Provide the best dermatologic and aesthetic care while being consistently relevant in lifelong relationships.”⁠ ⁠

Team Motto: “Helping you fall in LOVE with yourself.”⁠ ⁠

Dr. Breedlove has been working on another course assignment this week, defining the core values of her business. When it comes to determining core values, it is more of an uncovering process than a choosing process. I recommend choosing 3-4 core values. ⁠ ⁠

Your core values have always existed, and it is your job to define what they are and commit to them as an organization. They help you create and build a team culture that aligns with the beliefs and vision of your aesthetic practice. Core values should impact business decisions like hiring and evaluating staff performance. ⁠ ⁠

Do not miss our next update where we will share a few 10, 3, and 1-year goals that Dr. Breedlove has set for her practice. We will talk about how she dreamed big, and overcame a mental hurdle when it came to goal setting. Plus, we will take a peek at her progress in Module Two!⁠ ⁠

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