Follow The Journey- Love Dermatology Update #5

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Let’s check in with Dr. Breedlove!⁠

In our last update, we left Dr. Breedlove in Module 2 finishing her dashboard and excited about progressing through the next course modules. ⁠

After finishing her dashboard, she was astonished at the story the numbers told. Having spent many years working with aesthetic business owners, I’ve found that this is often the case. ⁠

Once you start paying attention to the numbers in your business, you’ll be able to make informed decisions that spur growth and increase your profitability. Awareness is key when it comes to financial success! Another positive effect of knowing your numbers is understanding how to better operate your business. By paying attention to your KPIs, you can learn what hours of operation are most profitable, the services you offer that sell the best, and identify areas where your team should set stronger goals.⁠

After learning her numbers, Dr. Breedlove and her team have been able to cut back on their Friday hours of operation and start offering services on Saturday mornings! During their team meeting preparing for an upcoming Hydrafacial event, Dr. Breedlove and her team had a better understanding of the goals they wanted to meet during the event.⁠ I advise setting team targets for EVERY event or promotion!⁠
Now that Dr. Breedlove has finished her scorecard and knows her numbers, she’s ready to advance into the next module! Through the upcoming module, Dr. Breedlove will begin creating budgets and forecasts for a profitable 2021! ⁠

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