Follow The Journey- Love Dermatology Update #6

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It’s Tuesday, and we are so excited to share the next update of Dr. Breedlove’s Practice Journey!⁠

Because she’s learning to be so intuitive about the operations of her business, Dr. Breedlove has been able to adjust the operating hours of her practice. She’s now scheduling late start Fridays, which allows her to intentionally block time off on Friday mornings to work on her business!⁠

Dr. Breedlove asked me in our meeting what a normal expected growth rate is for her practice. She wants to create realistic goals- but still push herself toward her 10, 5, and 1 year goals. Since her practice is young, it can grow a lot! When goals stretch both you and your team- you make them happen. After our meeting, Dr. Breedlove has now set the goal to 3x her revenue in the next year!⁠

As we talked about expanding her practice and increasing its resiliency, we discussed what hiring new team members might look like moving forward. During their big Hydrafacial event, her team noted that it was difficult to manage the front desk and also effectively meet all of their client’s requirements. I advised Dr. Breedlove to hire a novice esthetician to operate the front desk and eventually transition her into procedures. This would allow for cross-training and provide more flexibility within the team.⁠

It’s important as you hire new team members that you hire for attitude and ambition. Find team members who have a can-do attitude and will do anything to help you grow your practice. As an aesthetic leader, you have to adapt and be flexible, which we discuss a lot inside the course. Your team needs to be able to adapt and grow with you.⁠

Dr. Breedlove shared during our meeting that she has accepted that as a physician of her own private practice she IS an entrepreneur. She shared that it’s hard to accept who you are, especially since “entrepreneur” seems to be considered a rather “ugly” term among physicians. In school, she was taught that she would “go into her field, take care of people, and the money would be there…”⁠

“I want to help”, says Dr. Breedlove, “But so do other people… I want to survive and thrive out of this pandemic. What do I need to do to set myself up to have a viable business and move forward? I want to leave a legacy for my children and have a wonderful impact on the world.”

Well said, Dr. Breedlove, well said. I hope all aesthetic business leaders adapt the same growth mindset that you have achieved.

Dr. Breedlove’s aspirations are exactly what my course is about. I want to help every physician serve the clients they care about while increasing their wealth and legacy. I accomplish this by teaching them how to run profitable and resilient businesses. Book a free consultation with me to find out how!

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