Did You Meet Your January Goals? 🎯 Growth Hack #2

by | Feb 4, 2020 | Performance Metrics | 0 comments

I find that my most successful clients follow my advice in setting monthly goals for their aesthetics teams. While annual goals give you a direction and quarterly goals provide you with a pulse check, monthly goals create an accountable environment for you and your team to THRIVE.

You can and should set goals for all types of performance metrics in your business. However, if you haven’t yet created any monthly goals for the year, start NOW with a simple one today. Just set a revenue target goal for February. 

Make sure you do a bit of homework first, (i,e. where did you end up last February, how have your last few months been trending). Then decide what type of growth target you should be able to expect. Do you have Valentine’s Day specials already being promoted? Are you offering any new services this month? Factor all this into the equation.

After you have settled on a reasonable revenue goal for February, then you need to discuss it with your team. Recruit them in helping you reach the goal. Put your goal up on a bulletin board or in the break room as a reminder. You can post regular updates as you get closer to reaching it. Hold regular meetings to brainstorm steps everyone can take to collectively hit the goal!

Hopefully, you will be so buoyed by February’s success that you will carve out the time to develop monthly revenue goals for the rest of 2020! (….then we can tackle additional performance goals! 😉)

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