How To Mistake-Proof Your Virtual Consults In 8 Steps

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Many aesthetic businesses have found themselves pivoting to virtual consultations for their Plastic Surgery services over the past year…and some of these take place outside of the office! Whether you are new to conducting virtual consults or looking to improve your client experience, this article is for you.

Previously released as a PDF guide, this article teaches you how to maintain the same level of professionalism and efficiency as in-office consultations. Share this resource with your PCC and learn how you can work together to create high-converting online consults.


1. Setting

Examine the backdrop of your office (whether in or outside of the practice) for both the PCC and physician. Ensure professionalism, privacy, and branding are maintained. You may want to use a virtual background if the atmosphere is not optimal. Additionally, apply the same dress code to virtual consults as to in-office consults!


2. Platform

Choose an easy technological platform that is also HIPPA compliant for your consults like Zoom or Teams. Email clients pre-consult instructions regarding accessing the call including a one-click link.


3. PCC Intro

The PCC should begin the virtual consult independently explaining that the physician will join the call within a few minutes. We recommend the following scripted consult steps:

  1. Begin with Rapport Building.
  2. Gather Customer Intelligence a.k.a. (G.R.O.W.T.H.© Information*) and determine the client’s specific goals.
  3. Build Credibility for the physician and practice by discussing credentials, training, and track record.


4. PCC Procedure Overview

At this point the PCC should review the procedure of interest in great detail with an in-depth discussion of the following:

  • pre-procedure preparations
  • procedural-day specifics
  • post-procedure instructions
  • recovery & healing timeframe
  • realistic result expectations
  • ballpark pricing estimation with a high/low range
  • procedural date availability
  • client concerns


5. PCC Preps Physician

The PCC should put the client on a virtual hold to “get” the physician by muting the call and turning off the video momentarily. The PCC then confers with the physician to provide a brief overview of the client, whereby the physician then joins the virtual consult.


6. Physician Consult

The Physician completes his/her portion of the consult while the PCC largely remains silent taking notes. The PCC should also be preparing the quote during this time. The physician and PCC could use texting or private messaging to relay information to each other regarding the client or quote.


7. PCC Closes Consult

Once the physician answers all the clients’ questions, the physician can “hand the call back over” to the PCC to close the consult. At this point, the PCC aims to:

  1. Answer any remaining questions.
  2. Share the actual quote via screen share. (PCC must ensure their computer’s desktop is clear of HIPPA sensitive material!)
  3. Explain procedural ‘change of date’ and refund policies including date changes for ongoing COVID concerns.
  4. Firm up procedural date of service availability.
  5. ASK for the payment to secure the date! Recommend financing options if needed.


8. Market Virtual Consults

Once you have your virtual consult methodology in place, make sure you are marketing your Virtual Consult availabilities prominently on your website, with social media posts, and through an eblast to your clients.  Virtual consults have become the new norm, so make sure you have your process down pat, and fill up those surgery slots!

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