Promo Ideas For Mother’s/ Father’s Day!

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Need a little last-minute help for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day promos???⁠

It’s such an honor to help your clients celebrate their loved ones. Let’s raise awareness about your products and services, making this the best year ever for mom, dad, and you! ⁠

As you plan your promos, remember that it is always good to bundle your services with products. Below are a few of my favorite promo ideas. ⁠

For Mom:

Gift Boxes: Curate beautiful, ready-made boxes clients can purchase and gift. These boxes should be overflowing with your best-selling retail products and favorite accessories.⁠

Complimentary Consultations: Show your appreciation for all moms by offering complimentary consultations for the week of Mother’s Day! These consultations should be available in-office or virtually to keep the comfort level of your clients in mind. Consider offering a discount when services are pre-paid, same day, or share a gift with their purchase!⁠

Combo Packages: Make your bundles extra special by creating mother/ daughter combo packages. These bundles should feature fun and popular services such as chemical peels or lip injections. It’s even better when mom & daughter can receive their treatments together!⁠

For Dad:

Brotox: Gift that special man with some “Brotox”. While they don’t always let on, many men secretly love HydraFacials. (Feels great on that rough face.) These are a couple of wonderful ways to treat dad’s skin and boost his confidence. Pair these services with your male retail line or at least some fragrance-free options.⁠

Hair Rejuvenation Special: Give dad what he really wants- thicker, healthier hair! Offer a treatment pre-paid discount the week leading up to Father’s Day. Pair with medical-grade hair products like Prosciptix FX Hair & Scalp. Either way, dad will be left feeling and looking good! ⁠

Gift Cards:This is always a great gift for dad, especially when clients aren’t sure what he wants. Make gift cards available for purchase both online and via credit to the account.⁠⁠

Have you planned your Mother’s Day/ Father’s Day promos yet?!⁠

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