Partnerships that Pay!

by | May 11, 2020 | Leadership | 0 comments

How much of a positive impact do you think we could make if everyone adopted a “support your local community” mindset?

It’s more important than ever before that we, as small business owners, support one another. The effects of this global pandemic are far-reaching, and both formal and informal business relationships will be crucial for long-term success. Today, we would like to encourage you to seek out collaborative relationships with local businesses in your community. ⁣

First, find 1-5 partners who target a similar clientele as you. Then decide how you will develop a working relationship that is advantageous to both parties. For example, provide free services for the owner if they agree to promote you to their client list. Here are some more specific promotion ideas:⠀

𝟭. Offer a substantial gift card (e.g., $100-$125) for your partner’s BEST clients. Your partner could use these as rewards with purchases over a threshold like $500. (TIP: The gift card must be valuable enough for the client to want to try your services versus continue with their current provider.)

𝟮. Collaborate on a cross-promotion by bundling your most popular services, (e.g., Botox & Blowout!). ⠀

𝟯. Run a contest together. Prizes can be contributed by each business to reduce costs, increase awareness, and create a more appealing contest! ⁣⠀

Let’s all take the time to cheer one another on through these difficult times. How are you partnering with local business owners? Share your creative with us! ⁣⠀

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