Predictive Success with these 10 Leadership Qualities…

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Leadership | 0 comments

Working with different disciplines of physicians as well as medspa owners from varied professional backgrounds, I began to record my observations of their distinctive leadership styles.

I found that the leaders with a similar set of qualities excelled much more rapidly in their businesses as well as garnered the utmost respect and loyalty of their team.

If I had to distill these qualities down, I would describe top leadership success driven by the following 10 behaviors:

1. Create a highly autonomous, yet accountable culture for their team.

2. Provide a common rallying purpose with clearly established goals.

3. Personally exemplify what it means to be a servant leader.

4. Motivate through providing increased opportunities.

5. Generous with specific praise and public recognition.

6. Strong focus on team and community building efforts.

7. Share both the rewards & pain points of their business.

8. Provide direct, yet compassionate feedback focused on learning from mistakes.

9. Solicit team input and actively implement team ideas.

10. Provide perks, privileges, and some measure of flexibility with team members’ schedules.

How does your leadership style stack up? Anything that you could adjust to support your team even more? By developing your style in these key ways you can increase your team loyalty and decrease turnover leading to enhanced profits!

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