Rejection is Redirection

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Many years ago when I was a healthcare consultant trying to pivot into the luxury spa arena, I decided to hire a career coach to help me take the leap. I was so excited about our consultation because I couldn’t wait for the gift of her insight on my situation. ⁠

Imagine my shock when the coach told me I would NEVER get hired in the hospitality industry and there was no point in me pursuing the field as I did not have the “right” experience. 😲⁠ ⁠

Well, when faced with a situation like this you have two choices. You can take their well-intentioned advice and give up on your goals, OR you can set out to prove them wrong.

Guess what I did?….. ⁠

Using the skills I learned from my management consulting career, I completed a high level assessment of the spa I intended to run. This involved me going incognito and completing a thorough mystery shop complete with a treatment and much conversation with the team members.

I then created an outline of the steps I would take as the new leader to address each of the issues and opportunities I uncovered.

The corporate director was impressed with the lengths I went to in preparation for the interview and my perceptive list of “opportunities.”

I was offered the job on the spot!⁠ ⁠

Looking back at that career coach, I realize that she did give me a gift….

One that I did not see at the time…

Her rejection inspired me to go to extra lengths for my dreams. Her rejection assisted my redirection, and I was able to make a much-desired career switch.

If I had to sum up my two key takeaways from this trip down memory lane, I would say: ⁠

1.) Do not let ANYBODY tell you what you are capable of within your career. Only you have that power.⁠ ⁠

2.) Use someone else’s lack of interest, disbelief, or rejection surrounding your dreams to FUEL YOUR PASSION. You can achieve anything that YOU believe in and will work for.⁠ ⁠

Tell me your story! Have you ever experienced rejection and turned it into redirection within your career or life? ⁠

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