Review- Preview Part Two

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Genevieve | 1 comment

Hello 2021!

Thursday, I shared my “Review” of my business and what happened in 2020.

Today, I’m excited to get even more personal and share my “Preview” of 2021. This past year has been full of insane ups and downs for every business leader. I’m not sure about you, but I can’t wait to achieve great things in the upcoming year!

I find it beneficial for my business (and my clients) to look ahead at what the next year may bring and consider the actions I need to take to achieve my BIG GOALS.


Here’s what’s coming up for Aesthetics Accelerator in 2021:


  • I’ll be spending the next few weeks prioritizing activities that will promote GROWTH for my business. This means that I’ll be reviewing my marketing plan, determining which KPIs to track, and setting weekly, monthly, and annual targets for my business.


  • I’ll also be re-evaluating and creating new 10, 3, and 1-year goals. I know I won’t succeed if I don’t have well-planned goals with firm + realistic deadlines. I’ll share these goals with my accountability partners and mastermind groups.


  • I’m already tentatively planning what vacations I’ll take (thanks for the inability to commit #covid19). It’s a proven fact that you are more productive & motivated if you take a break from work every 90 days, and it’s certainly true for me.


  • I’m choosing which dates my course, The Advanced Acceleration Program, will be available again! Because I only open the doors twice a year, I LOVE to celebrate and go all out for the opening dates!


And, as always, I’ll be making every business decision with YOUR success in mind. My mission with Aesthetics Accelerator is to support you as you perform the life-changing work of helping your clients to feel more confident in themselves. In 2021, I’ll be using every opportunity to teach you the exact action steps you need to build the resilient business of your dreams. 🌈

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