Get ready to be inspired by Nanette, the brilliant owner of Birmingham Skin & Hair Aesthetics! She recently achieved an incredible milestone by doubling her revenue in less than a year – and she credits her success to the Advanced Acceleration program. Want to know how she did it? Tune in now to hear her story!

We are so blown away by Raquel and her incredible team! They took their client experience to the next level with the help of a customized Aesthetics Accelerator team workshop, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Are you ready to learn their secrets to success? Watch now and discover for yourself!

Get ready to be motivated by this diverse group of physician leaders, aesthetic business owners, and industry experts who have seen firsthand the transformational growth that our programs can bring. We’re thrilled to share a collection of powerful testimonials that highlight the incredible results achieved by our clients. Whether you’re a seasoned practice owner or a budding entrepreneur, we hope these testimonials will inspire you to take action and book a call with Aesthetics Accelerator today!

Genevieve is a breath of fresh air.  She’s able to put things in perspective in a professional, kind and precise manner.  It has been a pleasure working with her and I certainly feel like my team has grown on so many levels from Good to Better to AMAZING!

Jessica Lundberg

Owner, Rivage

We have been working with Genevieve for over 2 years now at our medspa and it has been a wonderful experience since the beginning. Her years of experience and gained knowledge are apparent right away with any situation and question we may have. She is professional, detail oriented, and has shared with us extremely valuable ideas and tools that have helped us greatly, and will continue to help us for years to come!

Krista M.

Guest Concierge Manager & Event Coordinator, RDS

Genevieve has a vivacious personality, and determination to succeed. Working with her is a real pleasure. Genevieve truly puts your vision into reality, and will assist in every aspect of your aesthetic business.

Allasandra Scomazzon

Business Development Manager, US Medical Aesthetics

Genevieve’s assessments were critical in formalizing our business plan. I have utilized her services with two separate business entities, and with both experiences have found her insight helpful in determining how to best grow our business. I plan to hire her again in the future.

Dr. Thomas Nabbity

Owner, Rejuvenate Medical Spa and Michigan Center for Regenerative Medicine

Genevieve has been working with our company for over several years now and has made a tremendous impact on myself and the company as a whole. Her insight has been invaluable in strengthening our teams, showcasing world class service, and setting the high bar for success.

Lisa Franks

Manager, Rivage

Genevieve is a dedicated, hard-working professional who has tremendous skills in motivating and coaching her teams. My experience with her gave me knowledge to grow in the industry and continue to strive to meet our goals. Thank You!


Manager, Covet MedSpa

Thank you so much for working with us, Genevieve.  You inspire me to be a better leader and entrepreneur. Love your energy! Looking forward to future growth with your guidance and tools!

Kerri Wilson

Practice Manager

Impressed with the Performance Dashboards Genevieve creates for her clients.  She brings together all the top financial measures, KPIs, and marketing data so her clients can make sound business decisions.  BIG (and rare) advantage in the aesthetic industry!  

Derek Talmer

Business Intelligence Consultant

I have known Genevieve Sparby professionally for several years now. I have witnessed her amazing ability to transform offices into growing & successful aesthetic practices. I’ve always admired her focus on people and how she encourages staff members to come together as a team for the overall success of the business.

Fran Biermann

Skincare Rep

Looking back over the past year with Aesthetics Accelerator, our aesthetic practice hit some major milestones. We upgraded our overall organization and fine-tuned our daily operations. The KPI discussions and marketing materials definitely felt like the secret weapons guiding our strategies!  On a personal note – I’ve amped up my organizational skills and gained valuable insights into business management. Now, we are preparing to reinvigorate the program with our entire team for a fresh perspective and even greater results! If we could just meet with Genevieve perpetually for her constant support- that would be amazing!

Mandy Bradford

Clinical Aesthetic Manager

I found Genevieve’s expertise and knowledge in the aesthetics realm to be invaluable during the launch phase of my private practice. She was instrumental in helping train my employees as well as encouraging a team based atmosphere during this hectic period of growth.

Genevieve’s experience and insight in the industry allowed us to successfully plan and implement a highly successful marketing strategy that led to increased revenue and high patient engagement. I highly recommend her for any practice looking to gain patients and improve their own patient experience.

Dr. Giancarlo Zuliani

Facial Plastic Surgeon, Owner of Zuliani Facial Aesthetics

Genevieve was an amazing mentor to our team! She was fundamental in helping us re-brand our medical spa. It was under her guidance that we restructured our entire business model. Years later and we are still reaping the rewards of her efforts.

Christine Sloan

Practice Supervisor, Northwest Dermatology Group

I met Genevieve over a year ago at a Hydrafacial event. Since then she has become an integral part of our team. Through her expert guidance, she helps with our event planning, hiring, and creating necessary processes and marketing collateral.  Being so multi-faceted, she currently is even helping with designing my architectural build-out to expand my business! This is only a small number of items that she has helped me with as there is so much more to her skillset.

I would highly recommend Genevieve to anyone who needs help growing their aesthetic business as we achieved 15% revenue growth after 1 year working with her! When I need advice, Genevieve is always there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process.

Jessica Harpe

Owner, Belle Sante Medical Spa

I have known Genevieve for over 2 years now, and have enjoyed collaborating with her on multiple projects for growing and generating new business in the aesthetic industry. She prides herself on going the extra mile, consistently being cutting edge, and encouraging those she is leading to do the same. Genevieve’s keen eye and attention to detail always proves any client experience or event as one to be remembered!

Shalene Fisher

Z MedSpa Aesthetics Lead

I have had the pleasure of working with Genevieve at many of her clients’ aesthetic practices and medical spas over the years.  Genevieve’s methodology, which is ideally developed from her background in healthcare, hospitality and entrepreneurship, translates into very high performing teams, exemplary customer service and explosive growth!  She genuinely raises the bar for the aesthetic industry.

Stephanie A.

Medspa Service Evaluator

Embarking on the Advanced Acceleration Program with Genevieve has been a game-changer for our aesthetic practice. Over the last six months, our standout achievement is the remarkable surge in our same-day booking rate, notably exceeding our facelift goals, all thanks to an enhanced consultation process. The emphasis on effective communication has fostered a positive team dynamic and elevated our client satisfaction. The financial spreadsheets provided crucial insights into our profit and losses, while the core processes offered a clear roadmap for success. Personally and professionally, this journey has empowered us to perfect the consultation process and create an outstanding client experience. So grateful for the invaluable lessons and transformative growth!

Allison Pyc


Working with Genevieve in the Aesthetics Accelerator program was like a big breath of fresh air and going forward it just got better and better. It made my job more enjoyable, I love coming to work, and I don’t have to worry about all the little things behind the scenes anymore so I can focus on what I am good at and what I’m there for.
She pointed out all the things we could improve but she was never critical, always a cheerleader for us and it made me feel so good. I had no idea that we were going to double our revenue in less than a year!

Nanette Narwot


I am so impressed by the helpfulness of the content Genevieve provides.  I am truly thankful to have access to her expertise to grow my cosmetic practice!

Marie Pirillo, P.A.

Dermatology Associates of Greensburg

LOVE GENEVIEVE!  She’s an awesome person and very professional! She helped us SO MUCH and I would highly recommend her to any aesthetic business.  I was impressed at how well-built her program is and how helpful the modules are- especially the ones on Finance & Client Experience.  I think this program is PRICELESS!

Irina Kushelman, PA

Owner, BSHA Medspa

I love the time that Genevieve and I have spent together in the Advanced Acceleration Program. It’s been so eye-opening! It’s helped me gain perspective and a better understanding of the current status of my business. It’s been a very exciting journey, but at times a little daunting since I’ve had to face my issues head-on.

The best part is absolutely the accountability! I look forward to meeting with Genevieve regularly to help me ACHIEVE in my business. I feel as though she truly has my best interest at heart, and I honestly love that about her.  Overall, I am really excited about this program!”

Dr. Jennifer Breedlove

Owner, Love Dermatology

I first met Genevieve when I was hired as an Assistant Spa Manager / Master Esthetician to help with the transformation of a Medical Spa that was in dire need of assistance. With leadership and direction provided by Genevieve, our team revamped the medspa offerings and quickly & continuously achieved increased sales. We became a very successful medspa while working together with Genevieve as she was a positive asset leading our transformation!

Stacey Hoskow

Clinic Director

I have worked with Genevieve for over five years and truly enjoy working with her. Her professionalism and her genuine concern for the well-being and success of the practice is admirable. She has integrity and treats everyone with a positive yet productive demeanor. I would highly recommend her services.

Jody Yee-Thomas

Medical Device and Product Representative

I thoroughly enjoyed my time having Genevieve work with me to grow the medspa. I am truly blown away at what a difference her presence made… and I mean this on both a professional and personal level.
Working with her has been one of the best things that has happened to me. She taught me so much and I truly feel that I have grown into the leader of the practice that I am today because of her. I cannot put into words how much I am grateful to Genevieve for her unyielding support.

Dr. Emily Levin

Owner, Northwest Dermatology

 Joining the team as the Practice Manager six months ago was a pivotal moment for me, and I’m proud to share the remarkable progress we’ve made since then. The Advanced Acceleration program has been instrumental in transforming our organization, refining our Human Resources processes, enhancing supervision, clarifying job responsibilities, and revolutionizing our daily operations and billing procedures. The emphasis on teamwork has been a game-changer, helping us overcome challenges and achieve numerous ‘WOW’ moments. Personally, the HR and Operational materials have been incredibly beneficial, contributing to my growth and our practice’s success. The outcomes from our marketing efforts and events have been truly amazing. I can confidently say that we’re doing fantastic, and I’m excited to continue this journey of growth with the support of Aesthetics Accelerator’s invaluable program and guidance.

Kathy Finazzo

Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Practice Manager

Genevieve’s well-organized process has been a trusted ally in our growth journey. Our events, from open houses to injectable days, not only saw exceptional sales, but also created a strong sense of unity among our staff. In challenging times, our team came together, highlighting the program’s knack for fostering a strong team culture. The lessons on data tracking and KPIs were not just eye-opening but essential to molding our strategies for continuous success. As we look ahead, our renewed focus on regular check-ins and accountability ensures our staff will not only meet, but exceed their goals! -Sarah Compton, Plastic Surgery Center & Medspa Owner

Sarah Compton

Owner, Plastic Surgery Center & Medspa

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