The Daily Huddle- An Energizing Practice to Focus Your Team

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Do you perform this one daily, energizing practice to focus your team and raise your client service levels?

The Daily Huddle, inspired by my time spent in the restaurant industry, will align your team in preparation for the day and prevent many small issues from becoming big problems.

Let me explain…

In college, I worked at a high-end steakhouse every afternoon, before the dinner shift. In the time leading up to dinner, the manager and the head chef would go over the evening specials. We (the staff) would sample the food, ask questions about preparations, and memorize the tantalizing way to describe the specials.

The manager would also review the reservation list, making note of any special requests or circumstances. I always held my breath a little as he conducted a visual inspection of our uniforms- ensuring they met extremely high professional standards which included crisp starch!!!

As a business student at the time, I loved the results that this short & energetic meeting yielded. I decided to put the same practice to work within the aesthetic industry. Today, I’m sharing my outline for Daily Huddles below!

Time: 10-15 minutes every morning.

Purpose: Inspire & Communicate


1.) Share something inspirational for the day, such as a quote, client review, or team member recognition for something they excelled at the previous day.

2.) Review the day’s appointments and discuss any particular client’s requirements.

3.) Every team member shares what their focus is for the day and how they plan to succeed in less than 30 seconds.

4.) Discreetly conduct a visual inspection of your team. If you observe anything that needs addressing (missing name tag, inappropriate makeup, unprofessional hair, etc.) Politely pull the team member to the side after the huddle and address the issue.

Consistent team huddles are one of the best ways to build cohesion and loyalty among your team. Resilient businesses have consistent, short, effective meetings that focus on resolving issues, recognizing team members, and reporting results. Implement a Daily Huddle practice into your business operations, and I’m sure you’ll start seeing positive results!

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