Top Ten Articles For Aesthetic Business Leaders In 2020

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We’ve rounded up the Top Ten posts that our audience (YOU) have loved in 2020!!!

1. How to Gain Fiercely Loyal Clients!⁠

Do you struggle with client retention or loyalty?

Teach your team today about The G.R.O.W.T.H. Method to grow stronger relationships with clients, and develop a culture of loyalty at your business! (Click article title to continue reading!)



2. Revamping Your Brand⁠

What do you know about branding? When was the last time you overhauled your website? If your website is over 3 years old, it likely needs a facelift! (pun intended lol)

Your brand is so much more than a website though. Your brand exudes your values, personality, and knowledge…. (Click article title to continue reading!)



3. Focusing On Client Retention vs. Client Acquisition ⁠

In a world full of crazy current events, you are likely doing your best to go about normal business operations as much as possible. You are working hard to cultivate a positive team culture, client experience, and profitable aesthetic business. Let me ask you this, do you feel as though your business and work are going unnoticed?⁠ ⁠

You and I both understand how hard you have worked to reach the level of success you have obtained. I want to assist you in building a resilient business, maximizing your profits, and finding the level of success you have dreamed about….(Click article title to continue reading!)



4. “Thoughts?”⁠

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, sent an email to top-ranking leadership after the company received a complaint from an outside developer regarding Apple’s policies. Do you know what that one-word email said?⁠ “Thoughts?”.
⁠ ⁠
From one leader to another, I think that says a lot. There are a couple of excellent lessons that we should learn from this style of leadership.⁠…(Click article title to continue reading!)



5. A Viable Solution For Inexpensive Help⁠

Could you use help in managing your day-to-day business tasks?⁠

Summer can be a busy time for any aesthetic business, and I know your answer to that question is most certainly “yes.” However, hiring help may seem like an infeasible luxury right now. With so many individuals and business owners waiting to understand the entire economic impact of coronavirus, you may be (understandably) limiting your cash flows as much as possible….(Click article title to continue reading!)



6. 16 Takes⁠

I pushed myself outside of my comfort zone last week and recorded an introductory video for my course.⁠

Do you want to know what happened? It went exactly as I expected.⁠

HATE being on video. For me, it is an uncomfortable and much-dreaded task. However, the course I am creating needs to have videos accompanying the modules. I also still need to record a closing video and bonus videos. Ugh….(Click article title to continue reading!)



7. You Have A Decision To Make⁠

We will all have tales of the COVID era to tell future generations.⁠ What are you going to say? ⁠ ⁠

It is so easy to absorb all of the negativity in today’s crazy world. It’s easy to feel down, unmotivated, and stop reaching for your dreams. ⁠ ⁠

Years from now, all of us (even our children!) will be asked what it was like during COVID. Think ahead into the future and consider what story you will recount. Then, consider the decisions you’ve been making and whether or not they will help you be the hero of that story.⁠…⁠(Click article title to continue reading!)



8. First Impressions Matter⁠

When your clients walk through your doors, it should feel like they have arrived at a destination.

Your business can create emotional associations in customers’ minds when you appeal to their senses, influencing their purchasing behavior. Appealing to your client’s senses is called sensory branding, a marketing trend that uses the senses to relate with clients on an emotional level. ⁠

Within 10 seconds, first-time visitors or patients will formulate an opinion about you and your business. Here are a few ways you can create an amazing aesthetic experience and fabulous first impression….(Click article title to continue reading!)



9. “Discomfort Is The Currency of Your Dreams”⁠

Do you have a go-to source for inspiration? I do.⁠

The Life Coach School podcast is one that I listen to daily. The #1 thing that I draw from it is the practical advice on managing my mind and thoughts. ⁠

This podcast has been instrumental to me in overcoming struggles in my life, both personally and professionally. I like that the suggestions Brooke offers on the podcast are founded on both ancient wisdom and current, scientific studies. I appreciate the inspirational philosophies she discusses and the trustworthy advice she imparts to listeners.⁠…(Click article title to continue reading!)



10. Why You Shouldn’t Be Offering Your Clients Discounts!⁠

Offering discounts on your services as a way to spike lagging sales may be an enticing marketing tactic right now. With Coronavirus affecting client spending habits, you may believe that offering discounts will encourage clients to purchase your services or retail products.⁠
I want to encourage you NOT to offer discounts.

Once a client grows accustomed to receiving a discounted rate, they may be discouraged from purchasing full-priced services in the future. Rather than offering a discount, increase the value of what you are offering instead.⁠…(Click article title to continue reading!)

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