When The Leader Gets COVID

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It happened. 
Despite every consideration to operate a safe practice during COVID, one of my physician clients unfortunately contracted Coronavirus….
Fortunately, I was able to ask her a few questions about her experience. I wanted to know what advice she would give to other aesthetic leaders about being sick, as well as what changes she planned to implement for her practice moving forward. Below, I’m sharing a list of her suggestions so that you can benefit from her insightful advice!
Don’t freak out.
First, be rational. Use your medical knowledge and remember that COVID is similar to many other viruses.
Stay aware.
Mental isolation is much harder than physical isolation. Tell yourself that everything will be fine, and intentionally focus on maintaining a positive and healthy mindset.
Tighten up protocols. 
* Be even more diligent about the PPE your team wears. Moving forward all team members will wear N95 masks. 
* Masks AND goggles will be required when actually performing  services.
* Politely inform clients for their safety you are reducing conversation during treatments. Focus on providing a quiet and relaxing treatment experience.
* Be sure to enforce social distancing for clients and team alike. From now on, this physician’s team will no longer take lunch breaks together. 😓
* Provide clients with stricter questionnaires that ask more pointed COVID screening questions. Don’t provide clients treatment who have had any type of exposure.
*  Tighten up consents for treatment. Be sure your consent forms highlight the level of risk involved and that clients are choosing treatment in acknowledgment of those risks. Be sure clients sign the consent forms taking full responsibility for associated risks.
There is a lot of fear surrounding COVID for leaders, team members, and clients. Take proactive steps today to create a resilient business that will operate efficiently and profitably, even after a possible quarantine.
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