Annual Marketing Plan

The “Must Have” Toolkit to Organize all the Marketing Plans for your Aesthetic Business

Many aesthetic businesses neglect to create an annual marketing plan. They often rush at the last minute to run a social media campaign or just copy another’s monthly promotion. These erratic efforts are usually met with limited success. Without proper planning they fail to ensure that their clientele is interested, retail is ordered, team is trained, and social media is on-point!

You can use this to your advantage and out-perform your competitors by properly pre-planning all your marketing tactics and strategies for the entire year!

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Download the Annual Marketing Plan Toolkit NOW and get your business prepped and ready for the year! Here’s what’s included in your Toolkit:

  • Checklist –The checklist explains the steps you need to take when planning next year’s marketing events. It is a great overview of all the mixed marketing efforts your team will need to consider (e.g., events, promotions, social media, blog, eblast, etc.)
  • Annual Calendar – The annual calendar provides a place for you to create a comprehensive, high-level overview of your year. There is plenty of room to jot down brainstorming ideas that you and your team discover. Using the annual calendar will give you the ability to see the entire year in just one glance!
  • Monthly Detail Page – If you do not want to look at the entire year at one time, you also have the choice of using the monthly detail page. All you need to do is print out 1 page for each month, and you can customize to suit your needs. The monthly page gives you the opportunity to present each month in a concise and detailed way. These pages are great to help you get organized! Use them to your advantage.

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